Adventures in Christian Living
By: Keith Newell

Sports have always played a big part in my life. I enjoyed playing them and watching them. In the spring and summer I watch a lot of Pirate baseball games. Come fan and winter, I rarely miss a Steeler football game.

Sports are great for learning life skills. They teach how to work together as a team. They teach that to be the best at anything, you must work extremely hard. Along those same lines, sports teach about self control. After all, world class athletes can't live on a steady diet of fast rood, beer and cigarettes and still remain a world class athlete. They must say "no" to things harmful to their body.

Like anything in life, there are exceptions. Some athletes cheat in order to win. Others take illegal drugs like steroids to grow stronger, rather than exercising to build their body naturally. There are a few athletes who don't say "no" to things harmful to their body yet still perform at a fairly high level.

Still, I have often admired certain athletes for their abilities or work habits in their respective sport. I've heard many people say things like, "Roberto Clemente was my hero." I personally have never said any sports figure was my hero. Again, I admire them and even have my favorites, but never a hero. Hero's should be found closer to home. (A patent or a grandparent would do!) If we want a real hero to look up to and imitate, we should look no further than Jesus Christ Himself! (John 13:15)

Recently I found a new athlete to root for. He is NOT my hero. However, I do admire him. You see, he is a Christian. (Not in name only, but a true Christian…a member of The Lord's Church.) Colt McCoy is the starting Quarterback for the Texas Longhorns. As a junior, he was the Heisman Trophy runner-up this year (given to college football's best player). He was also the MVP of the Fiesta bowl against Ohio State. In that game, with less than a minute to go, McCoy lead his team to victory while breaking the Fiesta Bowl record for passing yards in a game (414 yards).

It’s easy to like the starting Quarterback...especially when he's good. However, I'll root for Colt McCoy for what he stands for. His faithful attendance to the worship services. The fact that he doesn't drink or other things that many college kids get involved with. For pep talks with his team, he has quoted scripture rather than the normal rah-rah" speeches. He volunteers in the community to help the less fortunate. He does the things that you and I do (or should be doing) only he's under a big microscope.

May God continue to bless this young man and may he continue to serve Him. How great it would be to someday see Colt McCoy speaking about Jesus as a professional football player. Think of the possible influence he could have on so many people. By the way, when McCoy was asked about winning the MVP of the Fiesta Bow_ his response was, "First I've got to thank: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..."
Atta Boy Colt!